Windows 7 License Key Help

The License key is a way to protect a commercial software from unauthorized copying and installation. When you purchase the official Windows 7, a unique code is provided to you, which is known as the Windows 7 License key that can be used for a single device. If you have a computer with pre-installed windows, it means that the license key has already been used to configure the Windows in it. To use both Windows and Microsoft Office, you will require this code.
While you try to install Windows with your License key or product key, several errors might occur. To recover your Product key and remove all the troubles related to it, talk to our helpful professionals directly with our toll-free helpline number +1-888-513-5817. Once you reach us, all your problems will be resolved forever.

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The license key is a simple series of numbers and alphabets that the Windows system uses to register when you have purchased an authenticate product. But several crucial issues might occur from it. Our users have sought our guidance every time they have faced the following problems, and we have satisfied them with our solutions:
Finding your product key: If you wish to reinstall Windows 7 on your computer, you will need to find its original product key. Microsoft product keys are usually saved in a bright sticker in the disc jewel case, located on the case of your CD/DVD. It might also be on your PC case if Windows was pre-installed on your computer.
Windows 7 License key is not working in new device: The individual keys are fixed for single hardware. If you opt to install Windows on another computer with the same license key that you have already used in your previous computer, it will not work.
Error message “Invalid Product key”: You might receive this error message as per the diagnosis by MS software licensing service or MS activation server. You can use the help of Microsoft knowledge-based articles. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you should call our support service helpline as soon as possible.
DNS name Error: If your product key is facing problems in the validity search, you should change your product key. Get our help if you are unaware of how to change the key officially without causing any harm to your system.
Compatibility check of the product key: Your product key version (64-bit or 32-bit) may not match with your Windows version. Therefore, determine the correct version and download the product key accordingly.

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