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Is your Windows computer slowing down day by day? Can’t find proper instructions to troubleshoot your issues? It’s your time to sit back and relax because we have all the answers to your problems. Your search for reliable Windows 7 Help ends with us. The operating system is the key element of your computer that connects you with your hardware. We understand the amount of distress you feel when your Windows operating system fails to function properly.
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Windows 7 is quite an old version of the operating system powered by Microsoft. Microsoft has officially withdrawn their support service for Windows 7 in the year 2015 leaving the customers into utter helplessness. The latest versions of Windows 8 & 10 are very expensive, and if you have decided to stick to your original 7 OS, we are here to give you all the technical help you need.
There are some typical problems with windows 7 that every user have faced once in a while. Windows 7 is a large file that consumes up to 1 GB Ram of your computer. It has even cut off several applications that were present in Windows Vista (like Windows movie maker) to save some extra space which has disappointed some users. It takes lots of time to Boot the system and runs the commands with a very slow speed compared to Windows 8.

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As per the complaints we have received from our regular clients, the most common problems dealt with by OS 7 users are as follows:

Device hangs during Windows 7 installation: there can be several reasons causing system freeze if you don’t perform the installation process correctly.
Synchronisation error: Windows 7 starts lagging while synchronizing data with your other devices, such as your mobile or iPhone.
Restore Missing Applications: Windows 7 cuts off several apps in the pre-loaded version, like mail, movie maker. To get back the feel of these authentic Windows apps, you can reinstall them from Windows Live Essentials
Enabling Bluetooth Connection with External Devices: This problem persists in almost all the previous Windows versions where the Windows device fails to locate nearby Bluetooth devices like printers, speakers, etc.
Lack of security measures: Regardless of any version, Windows consistently fails to wrap up its system with high-end virus protection. Users have to back it up by spending extra money on external Antivirus software.

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